Things I would like to wear right now…

(Hey, I’m back!)

Several times a week I enter the torture chamber that is the web, where I proceed to spend a couple of hours pulling out my fingernails, tickling myself and repeatedly dunking my head in water; in other words looking at nice expensive things on net-a-porter, and farfetch etc…

But, as we all know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, which in this case means I just want to buy everything even more and promise myself I will earn a lot of money so that I can spend it ALL! ALL!

Here’s what me spending it and wearing it all today would look like:

ganni-bodyGanni bodysuit, 139€



Petar Petrov trousers @, 595€ (on sale baby!)



Petar Petrov shoes @, 430€ (on sale baby!)


Ganni dress, 199€



Common Muse earrings @ Lisa Says Gah, ~32€


And to sleep in:


 Sandro Paris silk blouse and silk trousers, 275€ and 245€

Featured image from Lisa Says Gah

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