Short cogitation on long temptation

Or the lesser-known contestants of the 2014 Eurovision.

This article appeared the other day on Another Mag; it’s written by a photographer who once had an epiphany on seeing Lucian Freud’s ‘Girl in Bed‘ and so decided to go and photograph lots of brooding long-haired naked boys in bed. I left the page open in my tabs for a few days because something was nagging me. At the time I wasn’t really sure why, but, have no fear, I have now worked it out! (it’s not a huge revelation sorry) –

Does anyone think these guys are sexy? I usually love long hair on guys but I think that here they all look like hairy little girls/Conchita Wurst. Let me know.

This one is particularly bad.


332158 332161 332164 332167 332170 332173 332176 332179 332182332191


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