The return of fake fur

Or its return for me anyway.

I think I’m surfing on this wave as it comes crashing onto the beach of fashion, because fake-fur might have returned long ago, but it has definitely returned recently for me. As a 6-months clean vegetarian who has occasional dips in faith (leather doesn’t look like animal skin so how could it possibly be that? *squirms*), Karl’s words “you cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur” give me warm technicolour dreams at night.

And when I say ‘return’ of fake fur – or faux fur -, I actually mean the arrival of possibly one of the greatest new fake fur waves, which consists of blindingly bright colours mixed on items of clothing that could be considered as dubious, but together create an explosion of Starbusts swirling in the wind under trees of pink and green with cats and unicorns…wait what? You know what I mean. To explain what I mean and maybe inspire you to buy some WEIRD things but which ultimately make you very happy (because that’s what it should be is about), I’ve compiled a short list of miscellaneous items that I’ve recently fallen in love with, on a colour scale from none to shrimp ejaculation.


My mother’s black fake-fur coat —-> still soft


sexy fingerless gloves – getting harder


technically not fake fur but who cares – mmm nice and pink


amazing iPhone case – but impractical to take photos of amazing iPhone cases with


and last but by no means least… (late again)




dulcie_cream_coat_2 4 5 7 8 9 21


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