Eloge of Vêtements and why it’s the label I would sell myself for

Or am I worth more?

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No, I’m not worth more.

About a month ago (about a week ago) I bought my first copy of The Gentlewoman, mostly to decorate my barely depressing bare whitewashed walls. Obviously you actually have to flick through it to choose the pages which will eventually lead to the disappearance of your deposit as most of the wall will be attached to the rear side when you take them down. But I digress. As I flicked through the “fabulous women’s magazine” my happy eyes fell on this photo (see below) from an editorial which featured me looking hot a 10000000000 times better version of the type of style I somedays attempt to go for.


I looked into this marvel and discovered the brand Vêtements (which is disgustingly expensive) but really really amazing – I got that feeling you get when you meet someone or see something that you know is just. right. for. YOU. I was so inspired that in a moment of creativity (the likes of which I haven’t had since I spent 50 euros on a small notebook in which I was going to write my intense brooding and enlightened thoughts) I wrote an elegy of it in my notes on my IPhone (which I now realise isn’t very good but I want to share it)(there will be photos of cool clothes though).

This is the second season for the Paris-based ‘secret’ group of seven designers behind this brand (which literally means ‘clothes’ in French), and what a breakthrough. Their motivation behind their idea was the need to recreate a sense of fun in fashion, which they felt they had lost during their respective times in prominent fashion houses. And the result is immense (notice the repeat and sentence). And now the worshipping starts. It is versatile and modern, feminine yet androgynous, sober but not basic. It could be the result of the a stylish woman’s appropriation and alteration of her boyfriend’s wardrobe, with beautiful cuts which are difficult to achieve although they seem simple. From the AW14 collection check out the ribbed polo necks and the cropped jeans. From the SS15 collection check out the “collar” roll-neck and both the grey and red complete looks.

Vêtements designers are catering to a niche: “we don’t believe in making masses of people like our clothes or want to buy them, but we also believe our niche is big enough.” If you belong to those who do, then you’ve got it right (pompous ending sentence inserted).


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