That object that changes your life

This is a piece that I wrote yesterday in response to Man Repeller’s question: what is style? I felt very inspired and humbled on and on and ultimately didn’t actually answer the question oops – here it is (and a pic of Chloe Sevigny cause she’s cool).


I’m writing something because one day (although I’ve just realised that I only have 2 years to create and become as funny as Man Repeller if I want to achieve as much as early on. I’ve also realised that I’ve chosen the wrong degree because I’m not sure German language is the way forward for humoristic/sarcastic fashion blogging), sorry, one day I want to have thousands, nay, millions of followers on Instagram, worshipping my weird, but weirdly great style and as I’ve said myself I really need to put myself out there.

This is my first style related composition which doesn’t involve cutting out and sticking Prada adverts upside down, or cramming hundreds of photos of one celebrity I worship onto a blank page, or cutting out letters from magazine titles to write inspirational quotes (usually an Oscar Wilde one which I thought was the epitome of cool-‘itude’ (am I French yet?)) in a scrapbook to try and imitate scrapbook geniuses of our time such as Tavi the Style Rookie, or writing slightly pompous articles about new street-wear releases (insert website here). I say that but I haven’t even tackled the question yet, although I think that was my lead up to it. I’ve been trying to pinpoint one important portrayal of style in my life but it’s actually quite difficult.

Recently quite a few cool girls/women have been sent to me as inspirational characters, from Nala’s effortless no-clothes-wearing style to Leandra Medine, but I think the person who has had the biggest impact on my secret life of a fashion (or style – I’m still trying to work out if I have style or I’m just aimlessly following fashions) has been a pair of shoes. I sincerely believe that one item of clothing can change your life and make you feel like you’re so fucking cool. I don’t care that my life-changing shoes are black Air Force 1s and that most trainer-loving trend-following youth-searching people own a pair, they still make me feel incredibly special.


(the suspects)

I remember discovering them 2 years ago (at 18) in a post on Garance Dore in which a cool looking girl (another of my inspirations) mentioned her favourite trainers. I had no idea what they looked like then but I knew I needed them so I found them on Internet and I bought them. Unfortunately I bought a men’s pair so when they arrived and I tried them on for the first time I was slightly disappointed (but of course didn’t admit it to myself then) until a friend told me my feet looked like the BFG, at which point I sent them back and acquired the pair I cherish now.

I love that there is a secretly chunky heel for that extra height, I love that they make any outfit look boy-ish but not man-ish, I love that the heel is so worn out that I have to wear extra padding if I don’t want ankle to be sawn off, I love that I can wear them in the mud and rain and know that they will stay alive, I love that I haven’t touched the laces since I tied them the first time I wore them, I love that all kinds of people wear them, and most of all, I love that they changed my life. And I’ve realised I haven’t really answered your question.


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